Bangladesh is a country with a population of 161.4 million. Many more live in the country as refugees. In Bangladesh, we find the largest refugee camp in the world, and the country often experiences landslides, floods, and disease outbreaks. This is one of the world's most densely populated countries, and the country has a large extent of hidden urbanization.

Although Bangladesh has made progress and measures to reduce poverty, it is still one of the poorest countries in the world. The inhabitants who live below the poverty line live in a daily struggle to find clean water and food. Besides, the country has a lot of hidden urbanization, which is not captured in official statistics and definitions. These areas are more prone to diseases and epidemic outbreaks.

Helping the Rohingya in Bangladesh

The Imdad Relief Foundation began its journey to Bangladesh to support Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar (Burma) after suffering persecution from the government in 2017.

Around one million Rohingya refugees fled their own country after a conflict between the Rohingya Muslim minority and the government that started on August 25, 2017. We saw that the large number of refugees needed immediate support. Bangladesh did not have the economic capacity to handle this refugee crisis.

Within a month, Team Imdad decided to travel to Bangladesh. In October 2017, 12 of our volunteers traveled with huge support from our donors to Cox Bazar in Bangladesh.

We went to the Myanmar border to rescue the refugees and help them with medicine, food, clothes, water, and built houses and sanitary facilities. With their support, we have built several homes and over 180 clean water facilities for the refugees as well as schools and mosques in the camp.

Since then, Team Imdad has continued to support the refugees and we will continue to do so as needed.