Tax deduction on donations

Get a tax deduction on your donations

Gifts to the Imdad Relief Foundation entitle you to a tax deduction. In 2021, you can get a deduction in taxable income for gifts with an annual value of 500-50,000 kroner.

This means up to NOK 11,000 less to pay in tax.

In order for us to be able to report your gift amounts, the authorities require that we reports the amount you donated in the current year, in addition to your 11-digit number

Date of birthday.

Contact us to double check that everything is registered and listed correctly.

From 31 December until 15 February, we report to the Tax Administration via a third party «Solidus». If you have donated amounts between 500-50,000 (2021) by 31 December, you will receive an annual report by post from us. It will state how much you have donated in the previous year. If you have not received the letter, or the amount listed is incorrect. Contact us as soon as possible, and preferably by 15 February.

Above approved organizations I do not see Imdad Relief?

This is correct, it is not Imdad Relief that is approved directly by the tax authorities, it is the Islamic Council of Norway. Imdad Relief Foundation is a member of the Islamic Council of Norway, through our membership all our donors are also entitled to a tax deduction.