About us

Helping those who need it the most

Imdad Relief Foundation is a Norwegian charity organization that has assisted with emergency relief worldwide since 2009. Our organization is based on Mulsim values and we work in many different countries, where we distribute food and clean water, and assist communities with better education and support.

Our goal is to spread awareness and to support development in a dignified way, regardless of the background, religion, and gender of those in need. 

A charity based on volunteers and donations

Imdad Relief Foundation is a humanitarian aid organization based on volunteer work. Our members work voluntarily and do not receive salary, 100% of the funds raised are used to help charity projects and their operation.

Our volunteers consist of Norwegian young people who help disadvantaged communities to solve challenges, which in turn makes them more aware of how privileged and blessed they are to be living in Norway.

By helping the needy and poor in other countries, they can see their own lives from a new perspective - thus gaining a new understanding of their benefits and freedom. This way of working helps to spread awareness around the problems and difficulties weaker societies face every single day.

How we help

Our main focus areas are:

  • Building functional water installations and infrastructure to provide clean drinking water
  • Supporting education that gives children a way out of poverty
  • Emergency aid for vulnerable communities affected by natural and man-made disasters
  • Food aid to combat chronic hunger and malnutrition
  • Health services to keep children free of disease

Health services, schools and clean water

One of our most important priorities is to tackle the world's water crisis and to spread awareness about the challenges and difficulties vulnerable communities experience every single day.

Contaminated water is a major source of disease, which prevents children from schooling and education.This is why we believe clean, safe water is extremely important and should be a priority in developing countries.

We have built schools for poor communities, to give them access to an adequate education as well as the tools needed to be able to lift themselves out of poverty. Ensuring that vulnerable communities have access to schools and good health services helps to ensure a dignified and good quality of life.

A better future and a dignified life

With the help of our volunteers, supporters, and your donations, we can give people in need of help, hope for a better future, through safe living conditions and access to dignified humanitarian aid.